Top Bloggers Share Tips to Increase Blog Traffic

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Anyone can start a blog. It is easy. Lots of people have blogs. As of 2015, there were more than 250 million blogs on the web not counting Google’s Blogger platform. In spite of these numbers, very few bloggers make a significant amount of money from their blogs. Data from 2012 found that 81 percent of bloggers never make more than $100 from blogging.
However, some bloggers are wildly successful and make millions per month from their blogs. According to Forbes, CopyBlogger makes over $1 million per month. The blog Moz makes $4 million every month.
To make money from blogging, you must have traffic. People must read and share your blog posts. Although two million blog posts are written every single day, only a few of those will get attention and be shared on social media.
So, how do these wildly successful bloggers get traffic to their sites? What is their secret?  Here is some advice from the superstars of the blogging world.

#1 Treat Blogging Like a Full-Time Business

Matthew Kepnes, New York Time bestselling author and founder of the hugely popular travel blog Nomadic Matt, says that he devotes all of his waking time blogging if he is not doing anything else.
Kepnes treats his blog as a full-time business. Just like any business, the blog takes up most of his time. He spends his days networking with other authors, writing blog posts and overseeing the business of running the business. This has paid off well for Kepnes. More than 1 million people read his blog each month.

#2 Create High-Quality Content

Many of the top bloggers say that creating compelling, engaging content is one of the keys to success as a blogger.  Earl Baron, who runs the successful travel blog Wandering Earl, says that even if you have a creative, excellent website, your readers won't pay attention if the content is not useful or relevant to them. Darren Rowse, the founder of Problogger, says that the key to differentiating yourself from other bloggers is to create meaningful content that speaks to your readers’ minds and hearts.

#3 Share Blog Content Via Social Media

You may spend hours researching and creating blog content. Do you dedicate the same amount of time promoting your blog content via social media sites? Copyblogger’s Brian Clark says that social media marketing is the way to distribute blog content and he is right. Facebook has 2 billion monthly visitors, and YouTube has 1.5 million, according to TechCrunch. These numbers demonstrate just how many people you can reach through these sites.  So, if you currently do not promote heavily via social media, that needs to change. Think about your audience demographics to help you determine which platforms to use for distribution of your content. For instance, Snapchat is hugely popular with younger users so if your blog is geared towards the younger generation, then upload content to Snapchat or similar platforms. Plan and organize your social media posts via a social media editorial calendar to help you plan your posts.

#4 Write Guest Posts

Guest posting refers to writing blog posts on someone else's blog. You might wonder how this would benefit you. However, guest posting is an excellent way to increase your website traffic—as long as you do it right. You want to choose blogs that have more traffic and social reach than your own. Also, choose a blog that is in your niche area. So, if your blog is about adventure travel, you could approach your favorite adventure travel bloggers and ask to post to their blog.
Posting on another blogger’s site can bring increased exposure to your blog. It can also establish you as a well-known expert in your niche. Peter and Dalene Heck, who run Hecktic Travels Blog, suggest writing at least one guest post per month. Ask the site’s owner to allow you to post links back to your blog.

#5 Network With Other Bloggers

Andrea Spirov, the blogger behind Inspiring Travellers says that it is important to network with other professionals. He suggests joining online blogging groups. Promote your blog in Facebook groups. You might also try posting in professional writing or blogging forums.

#6 Focus on Design

A well-designed blog will impact traffic. If your site is easy to navigate and intuitive, your readers will spend more time on it. Matthew Kepnes of Nomadic Matt seconds the importance of good design. He admits that he did not put much effort into the design of his blog at first and that it negatively impacted traffic.

#7 Be Authentic and Personal

It is a deep psychological need to connect with others on a personal level. That is what your readers want to do when they read your blog—make a connection. So, be honest and open with your fans. Reach out to them and be a part of their lives. That is what Jeff Goins of Goins, Writer does with his audience. He is transparent and reaches his audience through authentic personal stories. Jeff communicates with fans on their own Facebook feeds. So, go ahead and follow your fans when they follow you. Find a way to make the experience of interacting with your blog more personal.